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Mylar Tape

Basic Information

Application:Polyester Film Tape Is Suitable For Composite Wire With Multi Strand Structure Such As Signal Transmission Line, Control Line And Other Internal Insulation Of Wire Rod.

Transparent Mylar tape, color Mylar tape, PET polyester tape, hot melt Mylar tape

The polyester film tape takes advantage of the high tensile strength and electrical characteristics of biaxially oriented polyester material to provide coating and insulation for the internal structure of the cable.

Application: polyester film tape is suitable for composite wire with multi strand structure such as signal transmission line, control line and other internal insulation of wire rod.

Application of polyester film tape: temperature resistance 180 ℃, used in communication cable, telephone line, computer line. It has high mechanical strength and excellent insulation performance. It is an ideal wrapping material. Communication cable, optical fiber, optical cable, wire and cable wrapping, longitudinal wrapping, insulation, etc

Electrical characteristics of polyester film tape: mainly used for insulation and isolation, and can increase the characteristic impedance.

Slitting and packaging: the minimum width of slitting is 4mm, the maximum outer diameter of winding is 800mm, and carton packaging is adopted.

Tensile strength: > 0.180kgf/mm, elongation: > 60%

PET polyester tape thickness 15 μ m (0.015mm), tensile strength: > 0.225kgf/mm, elongation: > 60%

The tensile strength of pet is more than 375 mm / 0.025 mm

PET polyester tape thickness 50 μ m (0.050mm), tensile strength: > 0.750kgf/mm, elongation: > 60%

Tensile strength: > 1.125kgf/mm, elongation: > 60%

Inner hole diameter: 53mm, 58mm, 76mm, 105mm, 152mm

Outer diameter: 200 mm ~ 350 mm

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