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Conductive Cloth Tape

Basic Information

Application:Anti Electromagnetic Wave
Substrate:High Strength Polyester Fiber Cloth

Conductive Cloth Tape

Polyester Fiber Cloth Tape

It is made of high strength polyester fiber cloth coated with gold, silver, copper or nickel, and then coated with high conductivity acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. It not only has the high conductivity of gold, silver, copper or nickel, but also has the excellent thin, light and soft properties of fiber cloth. It is easy to cut and durable, forming an EMI material with superior anti electromagnetic interference ability. Therefore, conductive cloth is widely used in many high-order electronic devices with high added value. It is also widely used to make conductive foam to fill the gap of products and prevent electromagnetic wave leakage. In addition, it is also directly wound on notebook computers, LCD TV, LCD / PDP and other data cables to prevent electromagnetic interference, with excellent shielding effect.

Application field: anti electromagnetic wave interference for precision instruments, EMI shielding material for computer, conductive foam, anti electromagnetic wave for communication equipment, which can withstand high temperature up to 200 ° C. It is suitable for power supply, high power transistor and heat sink, integrated circuit chip, LCD TV, plasma TV, mobile computer and other equipment, such as tablet computer, mobile phone, notebook computer, instrument, digital camera, etc.

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