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Aluminum Foil Mylar tape

Basic Information


Aluminum Foil Mylar tape

Aluminum foil Mylar tape

Axial aluminum foil Mylar tape, transparent Mylar tape, hot melt Mylar tape, color Mylar tape, PET polyester tape, hot melt aluminum foil Mylar tape

Product Name: single sided aluminum foil Mylar tape

Thickness: 20u-150u

Width: 3mm-1000mm

Inner hole: 53mm ± 0.5mm or 76mm ± 0.5mm

Disc diameter: 250mm-650mm

Color: silver, blue, copper

Packing: inside plastic bags, outside in cartons, and finally in pallets.

Can also be packaged according to the requirements of customers, you can carry the consignment for customers. Transportation is safe, convenient and cheap.

Can provide processing customization

Characteristics: good insulation, reduce network attenuation, meet the requirements of environmental protection. Material: aluminum and PET polyester film

Purpose: it is suitable for communication lines in wires and cables, which can shield and protect transmission signals

This product is suitable for communication lines in wires and cables, playing a shielding role to ensure transmission signal;

For communication CATV wire, cable, local area network wiring;

It is used for assembling computer books;

It is widely used as ventilation pipe material of air conditioner.

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